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There is currently an ever increasing demand for high quality video media for use on the web, social media and in commercial applications. By using remote UAV technology it is now possible to add 4K aerial footage for both still photography and video production more economically and at a better quality than ever before. Aerial footage can quite literally give a different overall perspective making the media more interesting and engaging for the viewer.

If you are considering aerial footage for your next media project, then please call to discuss your requirements. We are flexible, competitive, CAA registered and fully insured.

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Video & Photography for the following sectors:

Structural Surveys
Roof Surveys

Aerial Cinematography & Stunning Stills

Using unmanned aerial multi-rotors with a remote camera can give you unrivalled flexibility to create dynamic cinematic media to use for promotional videos and still photography. Adding aerial media, can literally change the viewer's perception by giving you a dynamic 3D perspective, adding a new dimension to compliment your existing high end photography and video footage. We can shoot in 4K 4096 x 2160 100Mbps 30fps (2.7K 2720 x 1530 @ 60fps) MOV or MPEG formats from a stabilised integrated camera system.

All our footage is gained below 400 feet in altitude and in many cases literally feet off the ground, so we can get much closer to the subject and get the sort of shots which were never previously possible giving you total flexibility. Each high power battery pack can give nearly 30 minutes of uninterrupted flight, allowing the creative freedom to provide various passes, heights and perspective options with different camera settings as required.

Add-on Services to Videographers & Photographers

Are you a videographer whose clients would benefit from occasional aerial footage to compliment your existing video services?

We can offer our services as a 'bolt on' extension to your business whenever aerial footage is needed. This not only allows you to offer aerial footage as part of your portfolio but also saves you the associated set up costs, training and time gaining the CAA PfCO approval for what might be an occasional requirement.

Photographers as part of your brief you will on occasions require aerial photography. We produce 4k images in a range of formats which you can specify and produce RAW images ready for post-production as required. Our multi-rotors are effectively 'moveable tripod', easily changing both height and distance from the subject with the ability to quickly move into the right position to get the shots you require.

Structural Surveys

We can obtain both video and close up photographs at height of structures, buildings and roofs. This allows you to very quickly ascertain if any maintenance or repairs are required before committing to the cost of expensive scaffolding which can literally save thousands and a considerable amount of time and inconvenience. Depending on the time of year and should it be advantageous, these surveys can be done at off-peak time to minimise any disruption to the public.

Property Marketing using Aerial Cinematography & Photography

An aerial video can showcase the right property in a way which ground photography simply cannot do. Properties can literally take on a whole new perspective allowing for more interesting shots and highlight special features of the property not apparent at ground level. Aerial footage will give the viewer a better perspective of scale and show the surrounding area with views and vistas that will positively create desire and interest in the property.

High-Exposure offer a cost effective add-on solution for Estate Agents and private property vendors to help generate enquiries to facilitate the quickest property sale. We can provide the complete finished and edited video and upload for viewing to a platform like Vimeo or YouTube, or simply supply the raw files or final edited version for hosing elsewhere if you wish.

Please see below a typical example of an edited property video.


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